Choose the Right CRM for Business & Achieve the Industry Top spot!

This article is a guide for all the readers to choose a suitable CRM software for their business and use it for their business' profit.


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Welcome to the twenty-first-century business world! Gone are the days when you used to store customer data using old fashioned tools such as emails, excel spreadsheets, manual files or even Google documents. All of these tools will seem fine at the beginning, but as your business starts growing, you will observe that they lack the exact customer insight and scalability.

The current business arena is highly competitive and data-driven. An effective customer relationship management software will help you as a business owner first and foremost in establishing constituent, mutually beneficial customer relationships. Apart from that, it will also help you to successfully execute marketing campaigns, nurture the potential sales leads and close deals. CRM for business is as crucial as salt is to cooking; a business just cannot do without it!

The Dilemma: Choosing a CRM system

According to a recent survey by a highly esteemed organization, approximately 46% of the businesses find it difficult to get an adequate ROI(return on investment) from their CRM software. This is because they did not think through their decision and just jumped the bandwagon when it came to selecting a Customer Relationship Management system.

The CRM software industry is worth a whopping 23 billion dollars! This basically means that there are enough players in the market, that all of them together could form a small country of their own. With a myriad of options to choose from, how do you pinpoint a single software that best suits your needs?

Scary? Yes, we know!

We are here to rescue you! Keep reading this article and you will find the perfect guide to choosing the right CRM software from a gazillion options.

Identify your goals from the CRM system:

Before anything else, you need to have a set of predefined goals to compare before and after results. Some of the possible goals may look like:

  • Make the team more productive and speed up operations.
  • Automate customer data in a centralized & organized manner.
  • Obtain pivotal sales, customer support and marketing data that will help you in increasing the overall profitability of your business.
  • Making a solid funnel for new products/services.
  • Tapping into new markets.
  • For international scale-up purposes.

Now that you know the preparation that you need to make on your part, let’s get into the technicalities of selecting the CRM. Listed below are certain aspects that you should look into before choosing a CRM vendor.

Functionalities & incorporation features:

You need to state the exact features that you need in the CRM to your vendor. Ensure that the concerned software has the power to address your immediate needs. Whether you are looking to make B2B sales or need help with visitor data management, it should give you all.

Another important technical aspect to consider is app integration; the customer relationship management software needs to exchange data with other existing apps in the system. Email marketing is one of the best examples of such apps. Using bi-directional incorporation, your email marketing efforts in amalgamation with CRM come out much stronger and offer you better results.

One last technical feature you should not overlook is the integration type. You should look for both, native compatibility and manual integration through API. After understanding both the options, you can choose one according to your requirements.

After-sales support:

Investing in a CRM is not a small affair, when you get it inculcated into your day-to-day workings you will be investing a whole lot of time and energy in it. Choosing the best CRM is a way of ensuring that your business goals are met. There might be times when you might need help with the system as you do not possess the technical know-how for the same. Hence before you invest your money, you need to ensure that they have a reliable after-sales support policy.

Price & feature customization:

If you are an entrepreneur walking on a tight financial rope, you definitely need to take this aspect into consideration. As a small business, your requirements are very different to that of a full-fledged one. You might need a very basic product that is specifically designed for your team and targets. Hence, when looking for a CRM vendor, make it a point to find companies that do not have a ‘One size fit all’ motto and are willing to customize the proceedings in accordance with your requirements.

The system should require zero manual intervention:

The entire point of investing in a CRM is to get some load off your team and boost their efficiency. Thus, it is utterly senseless to have your team do petty data entry work. You would want to look for a CRM that is smart in its built, it should have a user-friendly quick and easy data export/import feature that could be utilized by the team. Getting such a CRM will help your team in focusing their efforts in the right direction and concentrate on better things.

Should be able to change with business size:

Your business will not always remain the size that it currently is in; the primary objective of any business is to grow strategically. When your business grows, the demands tend to change. Owing to this it is very important that you choose a tool that is customizable. As your business catapults to success, the CRM should be able to adapt itself to be completely in sync with your business operations.

Thus, we believe you have now understood the process of choosing the right CRM software for business. Investing in a CRM system can help you in achieving your business goals in an organized and strategic manner. At the same time, a bad CRM system can also turn to be a bane for your business and pull you down. Thus, make sure that you invest time and effort in making the right choice. Choose the right customer relationship management software for your business and become an industry bigwig!


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